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Games in which players act out their acts and use impromptu dialog to interact in an imaginary world.

A Bit of Cartography

Here’s a map of my current Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  I need to work on my lettering.  My handwriting is dookie.

The ancient jungle has  magically halted the glacier to prevent its destruction.  The red overlines and underlines denote Dwarven locations.  The others are primarily human based so they contain more of a mix of races.  DSCN0724 We’re playing the starter box set story, but I’m altering it slightly to use my own towns and regions.  At the moment, the party is in Rock Peak at the lower right of the Dragon Claw Region.

Thanks to WASD20 for the tutorials and inspiration.  Also, thanks to Jared Blando author of the book How to Draw Fantasy Art & RPG Maps.

Thanks for looking.


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Leather Necronomicon Purchase


Here is a recent and first purchase from Etsy.  It is quite nice and well done.  The pages measure 5.5″ x 8.5″ and is about 2″ thick with over 250 individual leafs (I counted 50 pages and then guesstimate.


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Rebel Minis’ Dark Hold Goblins Adventurers Pack (II)

The druid has a pet rat that I lost.  After I get one, I’ll add it to the base and take a better picture.

DHG - Pack II

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Skull Binder Project

UPDATE 7/17/13

I’m not in love with the current skull concho on the binder so I bought a few others.  However, I’m torn between which one looks best.  Sorry for the glare on skull “C”.  I’m leaning towards the hooded skull (B), but it has holes cast into the sides of the hood.  This can be taken care of…somehow.  Anyways, feedback would be appreciated.

Black leather binder with silver pewter skull concho

I was working on this just before I delved heavily into the scroll case project.  Like the case, the binder is a work in progress.

The binder has 3 rings and holds 5.5″ x 8.5″ paper (8.5 x 11 folded in half).

It is very straight forward.  I built up the corners and spine side edge with under lament and then stretched a single piece of black pigskin leather over the covers and spine.  I then attached a screw-on skull concho to the front cover.

The initial concept called for bat wing bones on the back cover along with bones around the skull in an upside down triangle.  A bat wing the size I wanted isn’t available, so I quickly carved out some guided by online photos.  I carved bones for the front cover as well.  However, I feel the concept looses something if the bones are not real?   Anyways, I later decided to add spikes to all outside corners.  I ordered the spikes, but now I’m having second thoughts.  

I did buy some actual fox foot bones for use on the front cover, but they are thicker than I hoped.  Chicken bones would be more ideal since they won’t stick out as far, but they’re not really the look I want.  We shall see.  I’ve had time to think it over and I’m coming back around to the idea of using the real and carved bones.  In any case, using the binder will be difficult since the covers will be so unlevel.     

I haven’t yet decided what to do with the inside covers.  They have pockets for loose pages, but I think I’m going to cover them over with paper or something since the concho screw is quite unsightly when the binder is open.

My initial intent was to sell it on eBay to help pay for the materials, but I’m not certain if I like the way it turned out.  I made a slight scratch in the upper corner of the rear cover.  It is far more noticeable in the picture than in person.  Also, the inside 45 degree corners are rather sloppy (being my second ever attempt at book binding).  If I do cover over the inside, it will improve, but never fix the issue.  I’m considering using a leather corner cover to patch it up, but haven’t yet decided the best way to correct the issue.

I don’t want to put any more money into it in case I do plan to sell it.

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