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Nyarlathotep Bloody Tongue Avatar

DSCN0499 - CopyHere’s my first attempt at tooling soapstone.  Overall it came out well.  The praying hands are a bit off.  It is inspired by Bruce Attley’s Nyarlathotep (Crawling Chaos) statue.

I hope to sculpt a few more (with much better photographs).  This took about two months of spare time so doing an Azathoth, Shub-Niggurath, and Yog-Sothoth sculpt seems possible.

Thanks for looking.

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Steampunk Lamp Man Sculpture

Here is my interpretation of the pipe man lamp sculpture.  The red valve handle turns the lamp on and off.  The dangling, lowered leg rotates up under the cocked leg to allow the lamp to sit on flat surfaces.

EDITED – I just installed the larger 4.5 inch bulbs.  It is only a 40watt bulb which allows me to use it without being blinded.  Also, I find the larger bulb more visually appealing.  (Lamp) Pipe Man with 4.5in bulb

I’ve decided to name him, Ferrous Bueller.

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Goblin Tower of “Pleasebecareful”

Here’s the tower I made some years ago in anticipation of a siege scenario.  The resin portion is a terrain piece from Gale Force Nine (GF9).  By using the various ladders and the visually obscured hatchway atop the stone tower portion, models can access every floor.

Completely loaded, the tower holds approximately 100 ~ 150 goblin models.

Here’s the Gale Force 9 terrain model I used to start with.


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Steampunk Bookshelves

Edited (4-19-16)

Here’s this past weekend’s project.  It is a gas pipe and pine wood 2″ x 10″ bookcase that is 4 foot wide.  It allows 8 foot of storage floor to ceiling.  DSCN0412 It was about $300 USD in materials, but it is 250% bigger than the case I was looking to replace so it still was less than purchasing the equivalent shelf space in new book cases.  Here we see my inpatients as the shelves are still wet and the pipes (while scrubbed clean) have yet to be coated.  I plan on using clear spray paint since I prefer the metal gray to the black color recommended by many D.I.Y. sites.


A flange and a small pipe nipple act as the feet.  with a 2″ threaded pipe nipple in the wood hole.  A connector is screwed in place at both sides of the 2″ nipple.  By the time the 12″ pipe and top and bottom connectors are added, there is about a 14″ clearance.  At the second shelf from the bottom, I used a tee split connector allowing me to attach the lower portion to the wall.  Two flanges and a short pipe attach to a 1″x4″ which allows me to screw the board into wall studs at whatever locations are necessary.  I used the same method at the top.

(Added 4-19-16)

Well, it took a month to get the cage lights from China, but they finally arrived.  Two 60 watt LED bulbs brighten the entire room.

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Dystopian Wars – Japanese Box Set

Here’s some older work I did years ago, but hadn’t posted here.  I really like the end look.  Unfortunately, the game’s local popularity died rather quickly.  In addition, no one was into playing the land battles.

The square bases shown here are about one inch (1″) in size.

DSCF0871 DSCF0864-sm

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Goblin Construction Crew

Here’s my construction crew (Carpenter/Painter/Foreman/Architect) with a siege tower i built some time ago.  I made them as companions for those particularly long project builds.  I used regular masking tape folded back on itself for the blueprint paper.  It has a slight texture and it quite tough.  Originally, I was going to make the blueprints replaceable, but I’ve since reconsidered.  The painter is attached to the braced pole by a bamboo rod which is long enough to act partially as a counter balance to the seated painter.

Goblin Construction Crew

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Final Rebel Minis Miniatures

Here are the miniatures I painted for the Rebel Minis website.

6) Knight Goblin Jousters Pack 9) Goblin Pack Rat 1) Adventurers Pack I with Minion 2) DH Goblin Adventure Pack II 3) Goblin Villagers Pack 4) Goblin Militia Pack 5) Drunken Goblin Guard (Corrected)  7) Goblin Henchmen Pack 8) GOBLIN MINIONS PACK (10)

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