15mm Cobra Tank Test Models


I weathered the model with cinnamon spice and clear floor wax to seal it in place.

It was then that I fouled the entire mess up by freehanding the cobra insignia on the rear end.  Decal paper has been ordered.

I’m not looking for praise, but tell me what you think.  Does it look like a sun-beaten blue tan that’s spent the week in the field fighting their foes?  Or does it look a bit sloppy?

Thanks for looking.



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Test Piece for 15mm Cobra CLAW Platoon

Two troopers mounted per medium sized base (1″x1.5″).

I’m not sure the smoke trail effect works for the piece?

Thoughts before I delve into the rest?



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A Cobra H.I.S.S. III Platoon


A bit time consuming, but I’m happy to have them done.  Although I actually prefer the black color for the tanks, I decided to go with something a little more interesting.  Nothing fancy.

I had to freehand paint the cobra emblems.  I should have used black and red instead o red and blue.  They would show up better.  Makbe next time.

Light Armor Platoon (HISS I&IIII)

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A New Old Project: Cobra SMS Missile Transort

It has been some time since I broke out the brush especially for a Cobra project.  The numbers are obviously decals stolen from Soviet WWII models, but the Cobra emblem at the tail end is all me.  That’s why they looks so funky.  It is not easy, but I promise myself I will get better.

I wish I did a better job painting the operators now.



(Cobra Heetseek Missile System with H.I.S.S. transport tanks)

Again, the missiles themselves are kit bashed and proxied inplace of the nonexistent 15mm models.


MTOE Heetseek Missile

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Sketch Art: D&D Homebrew

Here’s a work in progress.  It takes from all the religions of the Earth and places them into the location representing the domain’s alignment.  It uses the standard D&D alignment square. Upper right is Lawful Good thru to the lower right which is Chaotic Evil.  The central snake is part of the Hindu beliefs (according to the web).  Anyways, my interpretation doesn’t follow D&D or real life completely.  I’m particularly happy with the snake and the Kraken.  Not bad for a first time effort.


Enlarged Here

The blank space to the right is for the legend and detail explanations.





Thanks for looking.

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A Bit of Cartography

Here’s a map of my current Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  I need to work on my lettering.  My handwriting is dookie.

The ancient jungle has  magically halted the glacier to prevent its destruction.  The red overlines and underlines denote Dwarven locations.  The others are primarily human based so they contain more of a mix of races.  DSCN0724 We’re playing the starter box set story, but I’m altering it slightly to use my own towns and regions.  At the moment, the party is in Rock Peak at the lower right of the Dragon Claw Region.

Thanks to WASD20 for the tutorials and inspiration.  Also, thanks to Jared Blando author of the book How to Draw Fantasy Art & RPG Maps.

Thanks for looking.

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Upcoming Projects

Well, the holidays and preparing to oversee a Dungeons and Dragons group of players new to roleplaying sapped my days.

My niece and nephew from Chicago are coming back east for a late Christmas.  He is a Matchbox truck nut and so I’ll be making a wall mounted shelf with a truck cab pulling it.  It’s not that original, but mine will be a bit old timey looking (1930’s) more so than the others I’ve seen.

Well, that’s the plan anyways.

Thanks for your attention.

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