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A number of designers and artist have created miniatures of various scales.  This page explores only those of 15mm and aircraft of 1/144 scale.  If interested in another gaming scale (such as 28mm or 1/144), look up the designers named here on  Note:  I have checked out most of the models listed here, but a few are still untested.

Scarapis [Rick’s Store], at, really stepped up and rescaled several items to include ASP, CAT/MOBAT, Rattler (Aircraft), Stinger 4WD, and constructed a new HISS with both gun and missile turrets to build standard or Arctic HISS.  I’ve ordered the models, but must wait patiently until the end of the month to receive them.

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Although a great number of models and miniatures exist for the GI Joe faction, I have been focusing my efforts on completing a Cobra force.  I suspect I will be collecting a GI Joe force in the near future.





Based on the 1960’s MBT 70 tank design, this is designed by Scarapis at  Two versions are available.  One without the mock stowage and one with the raised panels to “represent” stowage.  If you are going to add your own stowage, you want to purchase the earlier of the two.  Otherwise, you will be filing down the model a good bit.

Review:  Scarapis is the only source for the MOBAT  I have seen to date.  That said, in addition to looking quite similar, the models are almost solid filament and so are more hefty in the hand.  The models began life as 6mm scale and so, the stowage simulation was adequate, but at 15mm I recommend getting the “Cleaned” version and adding your own details.  As always, I recommend buying the Smooth Fine Detail Plastic or better.  Other materials are painter unfriendly with the sandpaper-like feel and near impossible to file.  DSCN0871 - Copy

When the time comes to paint, I’ll probably use Olive Drab instead of the green color of the toy.  Olive Drab seems more appropriate for a 1980s GI Joe.  I’ll stay away from the camo patterns since that’s more of a US Army and not a GI Joe theme.

The MOBAT and the Cobra CAT and CAT II are identical.  For comparison, you’ll find my Cobra C.A.T. II at this link.


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MAULER (Manned Battle Tank) – Here is a good rendition of the GI Joe stylized High Survivability Test Vehicle (Lightweight).  It is my own design being my first ever attempt at 3D design (at  It was surprisingly easy, but very time consuming.


MAULER- DLD Productions:   Bengal MBT.  A close approximation to the original “High Survivability Test Vehicle [Lightweight]”.

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APC Transporter — Another model from Scarapis.  It is a monster in size as the original toy was designed to be an action figure carrying case as well as an action vehicle.

APC Transporter – By no means ideal, the [TGBX06 Fuchs Transportpanzer] from Battlefront Miniatures (makers of Flames of War) does a fair representation of the GI Joe Armored Personnel Carrier (APC).  Besides missing the canopy, the model’s tires are in the reverse configuration.



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VAMP (Mark I) w/Gun – Designed by Arctic Skunk at  This design has a large detachable laser gun at the rear.

VAMP (Mark II) w/Missiles – Designed by Arctic Skunk at

AWE Striker – Clear Horizon Miniatures: M-19 Recon Assault Transport — RAT SpecOps Buggy

GI Joe RAM (Rapid Fire Motorcycle) — Designed by Scarapis [Rick’s Store] at Shapeways

Remote Ground Drones – Scale Creep Miniatures — Asterie Remote Missile Mount, Gun Mount, and Gatling Mount

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JOE’S Mobile Missile System (MMS) – Designed by Fleeting Interests at  I have one on order so at least a week before I can confirm the scale.  This is my own work with about 24-30 hours of drawing time followed by 6 hours of debugging.  Personally, I like the more stocky legs.  The original always looked too flimsy to me.


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GI Joe Dragonfly (Helicopter) – A close approximation to the vehicle is the [TUBX05 AH-1 Cobra (Plastic)] from Battlefront Miniatures makers of Flames of War.

Sky Hawk VTOL – Designed by Arctic Skunk at  Although used primarily by GI Joe forces, the VTOL was also used by the Dreadnoks with only color variation.

Conquest X-30 (Jet Fighter) – Designed by Direwolf at  1/144 scale