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Sketch Art: D&D Homebrew

Here’s a work in progress.  It takes from all the religions of the Earth and places them into the location representing the domain’s alignment.  It uses the standard D&D alignment square. Upper right is Lawful Good thru to the lower right which is Chaotic Evil.  The central snake is part of the Hindu beliefs (according to the web).  Anyways, my interpretation doesn’t follow D&D or real life completely.  I’m particularly happy with the snake and the Kraken.  Not bad for a first time effort.


Enlarged Here

The blank space to the right is for the legend and detail explanations.





Thanks for looking.


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A Bit of Cartography

Here’s a map of my current Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  I need to work on my lettering.  My handwriting is dookie.

The ancient jungle has  magically halted the glacier to prevent its destruction.  The red overlines and underlines denote Dwarven locations.  The others are primarily human based so they contain more of a mix of races.  DSCN0724 We’re playing the starter box set story, but I’m altering it slightly to use my own towns and regions.  At the moment, the party is in Rock Peak at the lower right of the Dragon Claw Region.

Thanks to WASD20 for the tutorials and inspiration.  Also, thanks to Jared Blando author of the book How to Draw Fantasy Art & RPG Maps.

Thanks for looking.

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A Sketchy Weekend

Here’s this past weekend’s project.  It’s a work in progress so I’m only about half finished.  It’ll be used as a city map for a Dungeons and Dragons game.  I’m pretty happy with the results since I’ve only ever attempted the isometric village scene once before.  A few structures and techniques I borrowed from a pic off the internet.  pic 5 I’ll expand a bit to the northwest and much to the northeast.  I was saving the space along the right edge and southeast for the legend and number description.  I’ll be numbering it, but probably on a non-numbered photocopy so i can switch things around in the future.  I’ll probably just print and tape the descriptions and legend onto the page just before photocopying.  Again, this will allow me to make changes in the future.

Updated (8/11/16) – I’ve decided to include canals by expanding onto a new poster board to the right.  I’m not certain I like the results thus far.  The legend (seen here under the ruler) will be added during photocopying so I will have space.  It contains the businesses in both numeric and alphabetical order for quicker discovery. pic 9

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