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Painting, sculpting, or otherwise manipulation of miniature pewter sculptures.

Mordheim Campaign Map (Large Image)

A Warhammer map intended to be printed on parchment or dark colored backgrounds.  All art and images are taken from the internet or the Mordheim rules book PDF.complete w-Numbered Sites

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Warhammer Border Princes Map Tapestry

Here’s the current state of the sewing project.  Games Workshop scrapped the Warhammer universe completely meaning this might never be used again.  However, Kings of War (by Mantic Games) is gaining popularity so fingers crossed.


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Goblin Tower of “Pleasebecareful”

Here’s the tower I made some years ago in anticipation of a siege scenario.  The resin portion is a terrain piece from Gale Force Nine (GF9).  By using the various ladders and the visually obscured hatchway atop the stone tower portion, models can access every floor.

Completely loaded, the tower holds approximately 100 ~ 150 goblin models.

Here’s the Gale Force 9 terrain model I used to start with.


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Mighty Empires Goblin Campaign Tokens

Here’s a project I completed many moths ago, but apparently forgot to post.  They are intended to be goblin towers/keeps for use on the large canvas map I made a few years ago.  I also made some small mushroom tokens which are placed on conquered territories.

One is a miniature version of my 28mm scale tower (named Thetowerofpleasebecareful).  They are mounted on 30mm bases (the small mushroom tokens use 15mm round bases.  I tried to make one for each type of terrain.  The first is a desert and the second a stone wall.  The center one is a broken down siege tower.  The fourth is a tiny version of my full scale tower for woodlands and the last was a rocky/mountainous terrain.

I still need to make some “city” tokens.  I made a tiny goblin shrine which might work, but I’d like something a little more literal.

Tower or Fort Token MarkersWithe the destruction of the Warhammer universe, I’m doubtful there will be another campaign, but word of a Kings of War campaign has been circulating at the club so just maybe. . .

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Round One? Success!

I’ve progressed to Round Two of the Wyrd Miniatures Iron Painter 2015 competition.  I had to redo the gold and decided to use no metallic paints.  The skull suffered because of this, but I still managed to beat my competitor.  Round Two has me up against two competitors this time.


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Ork Deffkopta (Helicopter) with Object Source Lighting (OSL)

Well, the effect is there, but not really noticeable as I’d hoped.  HERE is the unpainted conversion.

DSCN0278 adjusted 30 percentDSCN0281-adjusted 30 percent

Notice the heavy bombs dangling by the tail rocket and the stick grenades attached to the outer tips of each wing.  Twin .50cal HMGs, two quad rocket launchers, and one left arm bolter gun completes the vehicle’s armament.

The concept of magnetizing the model for multiple configurations was a good one, but ultimately the model proved too delicate.  Missing are the Vulcan chain gun and the duel grenade launchers which were intended for the medium sized deffkopta.

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Dystopian Wars – Japanese Box Set

Here’s some older work I did years ago, but hadn’t posted here.  I really like the end look.  Unfortunately, the game’s local popularity died rather quickly.  In addition, no one was into playing the land battles.

The square bases shown here are about one inch (1″) in size.

DSCF0871 DSCF0864-sm

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