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Finished: Steampunk Rangefinder

Rangefinder (Front-Back)

Not a whole lot different than the last pictures. It had more work remaining than I thought, but then, I did add some unexpected details.

DSCN0189 Rangefinder Lens Detail

The goggles were originally going to be a large, single leather mask, but it covered too much of the back (and I was too impatient to let the leather shape correctly). Instead, I decided to make these: my first ever attempt at “Steampunk goggles”. They are smaller than I’d hoped and they cover more of the rear lens’ details than expected.

From the rear, the frog-eyed ends lacked interest and had “CFI” stamped into the back. One of the few things I glued was the black painted copper plate which works (at least in my eye). The damn things arrived with a single hole (presumably for jewelry making) punched into the top so I had to add brass tacks

After 7 hours of attempts at etching, I finally settled on the crosshairs shown here. Not quite as clean as I hoped, but alright overall. I can always redo them in the future since they are only attached by a single bolt from underneath.

I’ll probably touch up the rangefinder in the future, but for now, the project is complete.

I’ve yet to come up with ideas for scopes except I know I want one long and one short and they should be interchangable between guns.

The gathering of hardware for the other projects is nearly complete. I’m switching over to aluminum from steel for the carbine parts. It’s easier and faster to work and I found a way to do a “cold anodizing” effect so it can still be black.

Anyways, thanks for reading.

Rangefinder Front Detail


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