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Book Display Stand

As always, completion of one project leads to a hundred more.  While filling the display case, I realized I need a few things to better display some items.  I have a few books I bought off of Etsy (made by Mille Cuirs) that I want to display, but I could not find a suitable display stand so I created my own using some oak and a broken 3/8″ thick glass shelf I happen to have laying about.  The glass was supposed to be trash, but now that I realized I can cut it, i’ll keep it.

Book Display Stand -combo

I want to do something with the rear base.  I thought of painting it black, but that seems too simple.  Perhaps add a tapper to narrow the width?

I have one more book by Mille I want to display and the above look is equally suitable so its display stand will be pretty much the same except smaller.

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Martian Long Gun

Updated (7/25/17) at end of post.

I’ve recently joined the Steampunk Gun Club on Facebook.  They are currently having an “all metal” competition that would have been perfect for my Satchel Gun, but work can not have begun before the contest was announced.

Me being the honest Abe that I am decided to dredge up an older idea and use it.  My style is to use a little bit of all materials available during the Steampunk years (circa 1800s).  Although the original contest idea was an all metal build, they did say it was alright to use wood for stocks and grips.  As I’ve mentioned, my build will include other materials as well; however, they will be primarily used as non-critical elements and accessories.

Here is an idea of what the gun will look like without the intended rifle scope added.


As you can see, it is still a design in progress.  As an extra twist, the contest states the gun’s trigger must be operational in such a way that it operates light, sound, or some other similar effect.

Anyways, the contest ends in mid-July leaving me with about 4 weeks remaining.

I waited for a pivotal piece that connected the stock to the rifle.  (This is shown in the lower rifle example.)  However, I was disappointed to find they mailed me the wrong part.  I visited the local DIY store (Lowes) and found the potential solution using the smaller but available sized 1″ copper pipe tubing of which the gun is primarily made.  The forked uprights are shifting forks from some motor cycle or other.  I only have three at the moment, but have made an effort twice now to buy the correct size (shaft rod).

Wood will be wrapped around the front barrel shrouds.  Another piece will have circles cut into it and extended back near the shoulder.  An upper and lower rod will protrude from the upper and lower edge of the wood stock allowing leather to be wrapped around the end piece for use as the shoulder rest portion of the rear stock.

Update (7/25/17) – Well, a week and a half remain in the contest (the contest was extended until August 5th).  I need to get my ass in gear.  Here’s a pic of what I have thus  far for the gun.  (The tubes along the edge of the bench.)  Unseen is the handle and shoulder stock.  The wooden portion of the shoulder stock can be seen to the right of the lime green drill.  The circles are cut in the stock.  DSCN0592

Overall, I have things figured out and know how I’m going to make them, but I still have no idea about how to dress up the receiver and how to attach the scope.  Also, I’m not convinced the gun will be strong enough.  A 1/2″ threaded rod will hold the barrel pieces together, but it won’t go any further than the receiver so the handle and shoulder stock will be fairly weak.  Of course, that is where the strength needs to be so a solution is needed and quick!

The scope is mocked up and requires a little more work.  I’m not sure if I like it or not.   The mock up is shown here, but the magnifying glasses are not shown.  The diagram is generally how I envision the scope.  As can be seen, a real scope is hidden within the scope allowing four times (4x) magnification.  To complete the project, I’ll have to remove the scope’s eye piece to put on the smaller bellows.  Also, I will be placing a rod to either side of the scope that will hold everything together and straight.  At the moment, the scope rings will remain mid-center of the scope and be used to mount the scope to the rifle.  The tall, metal, fork “Sights” on the gun make mounting a challenge.  However. the shoulder stock sits quite high so using the scope should be relatively comfortable.  People should not have to stretch their neck to use it.

I made the bellows using Popsicle sticks and black hockey tape.  My plan was to wrap over the tape with black leather, but that seems a bit over designed.  The cloth will add an additional texture to help break up the hardness of the oak.  I have some watch crystals that I’ll be using to cover some of the drilled holes.  Aside from any dust, they should not effect the use of the scope.  The magnifying lenses are just for looks and will prevent the scope from being used if placed in line of sight.

The “eye piece” on the far right will be more like that of my range finder project.  The square box, might be used for some other purpose.

DSCN0593   The following pic shows one of many of the inspiring scope designs.  I like the absurdity of having so many optics on one gun.   If time remains, I might involve a laser and/or flash light.71fw-N77k8L._SL1001_

As always, thanks for looking.

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Gun Cabinet Finished (Sort of)

This is the cabinet portion of the Steampunk heavy machine gun.  I need to work on the gun sights, plumbing, legs/stand, and other details before I take the final photographs.

Steampunk Heavy Machine Gun Cabinet

Here’s the step by step progress:  STEP-BY-STEP  or https://fleetinginterests.wordpress.com/steampunk-heavy-machine-gun-sentry/

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Leather Necronomicon Purchase


Here is a recent and first purchase from Etsy.  It is quite nice and well done.  The pages measure 5.5″ x 8.5″ and is about 2″ thick with over 250 individual leafs (I counted 50 pages and then guesstimate.



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Finished: Steampunk Rangefinder

Rangefinder (Front-Back)

Not a whole lot different than the last pictures. It had more work remaining than I thought, but then, I did add some unexpected details.

DSCN0189 Rangefinder Lens Detail

The goggles were originally going to be a large, single leather mask, but it covered too much of the back (and I was too impatient to let the leather shape correctly). Instead, I decided to make these: my first ever attempt at “Steampunk goggles”. They are smaller than I’d hoped and they cover more of the rear lens’ details than expected.

From the rear, the frog-eyed ends lacked interest and had “CFI” stamped into the back. One of the few things I glued was the black painted copper plate which works (at least in my eye). The damn things arrived with a single hole (presumably for jewelry making) punched into the top so I had to add brass tacks

After 7 hours of attempts at etching, I finally settled on the crosshairs shown here. Not quite as clean as I hoped, but alright overall. I can always redo them in the future since they are only attached by a single bolt from underneath.

I’ll probably touch up the rangefinder in the future, but for now, the project is complete.

I’ve yet to come up with ideas for scopes except I know I want one long and one short and they should be interchangable between guns.

The gathering of hardware for the other projects is nearly complete. I’m switching over to aluminum from steel for the carbine parts. It’s easier and faster to work and I found a way to do a “cold anodizing” effect so it can still be black.

Anyways, thanks for reading.

Rangefinder Front Detail

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98% Completed Rangefinder

DSCN0175 DSCN0176k

Left is the back and rIght is the front.  The project is sitting atop a roll of leather cord.  The silver colored washers at the center are where the rangefinder begins.  The washers and unseen nut allow the project to attach to an arm.  The entire project will sit directly in front of the shooter.  A separate tripod could be used, but I like the ridiculousness of having it attached to a gun.  Because it sits to the side, scopes being used can still be attached to the gun without hindrance.

I have a few touch-ups.  The wood at the center needs staining, but i’m waiting to see what color I pick for the stock.  The black line drawn at the edge of the slope on the inner collars needs straightening and widening.  I think there is too much metal at the ends.  I’ll probably black out the backsides of the “frog-eyes” to break it up.  Obviously the eyes need to have the bolt clipped so it isn’t seen.  I’m considering adding some sort of cross hairs as a point of interest in the bulb.  Probably some sort of decal transfer onto the inside of the glass.  I’m not sure what else might be done with them to dress them up.  I’ve sealed the copper once already, but will give it another coat after completion.

Thanks for looking.

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Steampunk Machine-gun Sentry

UPDATES ARE NOW BEING MADE TO THE DEDICATED PAGE:  https://fleetinginterests.wordpress.com/steampunk-heavy-machine-gun-sentry/

I’ve been working on the HMG the past weeks.  I’ve made more progress than shown, but I can’t assemble it further until I get the sides finalized.  A little work still remains, but the photo shows the all but completed barrel jacket assembly.  I might lash a leather strap around the upright filler before I attach the cap.  Also, I’ll make the knot less noticeable.  Thanks for your interest.


EDITED (5/9/16)  I’ve been putting some hours into the Sentry project.  I have the cabinet distressed and stained.  Both sides are completed and ready for assembly.

For the most part, the inside is all but finalized.  The gear interaction has been figured out, but I need to mock up the barrel and firing mechanism.  The empty brass chute needs to be attached as well as painted.  Exactly how it’ll be attached is a good question at the moment.

I haven’t began to design the steam engine/plumbing, but I have stumbled across suitable gun sights.

The barrel and barrel jacket remain as ugly as the picture above.  However, I have the para cord to restring the leather cover.  I still haven’t figured how to cap the top without glue or insulation foam.

As it turns out, the muzzle flash seems to be the only actual gun part used in the construction.  I’ll probably make a replacement in the future.  As can be seen in the following photo, the steam engine will be positioned beneath the barrel jacket instead of beside it.  DSCN0427

I’ll begin work on the tripod/base as soon as the cabinet is completed which should be pretty soon.  It’ll be four legged and shorter than the old swivel chair base would allow meaning I might actually be able to display it under the glass-topped end table like I originally envisioned.

EDITED (5/10/16)  –  I believe I’ve completed the internal feed and shooting mechanism.

Next, the steam engine and plumbing need to be added.  I’m waiting on some glass covers for my gauges (which will probably have to be homemade).  I scrapped the few gauges I have since they took a bit too much space and are too modern.  Making my own will allow me to customize them for machine gun use.

EDITED (5/12/16) – Yesterday I spent my hours finishing what I thought was already done.  Today I caught up, but before I assemble the cabinet, I need to replace the Swiss cheesed inner boards.  I’ve taken the opportunity to readjust the protruding gear so more can be seen.  The replacement board isn’t as wide as the original meaning I have less room for error.

The inner center board mounts the barrel’s threaded rod as well as the internal roller placed above the barrel and the hole for the spring and guide rod placed in the rear of the cabinet.  DSCN0432

Here is a photo of the interior.  It’ll be a bit more presentable when finished.  The space to the right shows the rear pocket which will hold the “recoil spring” and maintenance props.

EDITED (5/13/16) – The inside gears are about as complete as they are going to get.  I attached the top completing the cabinet.  Of course, measuring one and cutting twice I manged to put several holes into the bottom board’s underside.  It looks like someone hit it with buck shot, but thankfully it won’t be seen.  I have repainted the ammunition chute and the side plate.  I can see an end in sight.  I need to get a punch set to make a brass identification plaque to mount to the side plate.

In the morning, I should be ready to mount the engine and begin the plumbing.

I was going to take a photo, but I forgot the memory card and was too lazy to go back to the basement.  It looks nearly identical to yesterday’s picture.

EDITED (16-5-18) – Progress is being made.  A lot of time is being wasted while waiting for paint to dry.  Also, I’ve removed and patched up the mounting holes and recessed door bolts.  My realignment of the front and back boards caused the holes to be out of alignment by a few millimeters.  Just enough to force me to fill i the gap and start over.  I haven’t done any drilling yet.  I’m waiting on some threaded rod and wing nuts from Ebay before I do anything final.

The muzzle flash hider arrived, but I’m not certain I like the look.  I situated the engine and decided to use 1/4″ tubing.  The larger scale goes better with the overall look.

Next, I need to prep and mount the barrel so I can begin running copper tubing and placing the gauges and valves.  I’ll spray the interior gears and mechanisms with some fine oil (WD-40) for protection against the notorious humidity here in Delaware.  I’ll do so just before I remount the ammo chute.  Otherwise, I’ll get the cloth ammo belt full of oil when I load it.

UPDATES ARE NOW BEING MADE TO THE DEDICATED PAGE:  https://fleetinginterests.wordpress.com/steampunk-heavy-machine-gun-sentry/

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