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Steampunk Heavy Machine Gun Project

Heavy Machine Gun / I’ve concluded I can make a tripod, but it won’t be as cheap as I hoped.  It might be cheaper to buy one and utilize it for future projects as well.  Although, at the moment, I have no future projects which would make use of it.

Update 7/22/13

I have some gears on the way to add to the steampunk look.  Hopefully it’ll be here before week’s end.

Update 8/9/13

Multiple parts arrived for several projects at once.  I decided to make the barrel for the HMG.  The water jacket is proving to e the pain I thought it would.  It killed both batteries and I still have at least one more layer of sheet metal to drill through.  The kicker is I believe I have one more layer in the center that I can’t reach with my drill bits.  Of course, my progress assumes I’ll be able to make due with a 3/8 inch rod instead of the 1/2 rod that I already bought.  It really hinges on the sturdiness of the 3/8 inch which I didn’t even consider when at Lowes yesterday.  I might make it to Home Depot tomorrow and pickup the other rod.

Update 8/11/13

I don’t like the muzzle brake so I bought a new one that should look better…if it fits.  I think the barrel will need to be thicker, but that’s almost preferable.  I think I have the overall dimensions for the receiver, but, as usual, I’m awaiting the arrival of a few parts before I can do a proper mock-up.  I’m still guessing how best to do the back half.  In fact, I’ve been rethinking the entire design.  I’m considering adding an access panel, much like the engine compartment on a Model T.  I’m not certain I have enough gauges.  I think I’m one short.  Three or four should be enough.  I also realized I need a few valves.  I’m pretty pleased with last night’s purchase.  To mention it is to give away the surprise when I have some pics.

I have a few new ideas for the “tripod”.  I need to work out a couple details before I’ll know if it’s feasible or not.


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