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Leather Mordheim Map

Well, the test ended with mixed results.  The corner was intentionally torn as an adhesion test.  I think I should wipe the leather with a degreasing soap before applying leather next time.  I think this might be the end of the project.  Functionally speaking, we are better off using a laminated copy glued to a steel sheet for magnetically tracking territories owned.


The surface has a sheen to it despite two attempts with Dulcote.  Overall, the picture is hazy and obscured in all but the important parts; namely, the numbers, legend and title.  After printing I used a black gel pen to give a shadow to all the numbers, title and scale.  I then yellowed the numbers with a yellow highlighter.  The legend was missing too much to not fill in the blanks and to make some uniformity I had to write the entire legend.  Much of it was just tracing over the words underneath.

Here is the image before transferring. on facebook

The detail in the black artwork was completely lost and I feared tearing of the image so I did not rub off the backing as well as I should have.   This image will be laminated and attached to a steel back to allow use of magnets for tracking progress.

In conclusion, using a laser copy probably would be better, but I was able to obtain only ink jet copies.  Despite all I read on the internet, I was able to use an ink jet copy and transfer it to both wood and leather.  In addition to transfer testing, I was also able to better learn how to use my Photoshop Pro program.

Anyways, thanks for looking.


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Book Display Stand

As always, completion of one project leads to a hundred more.  While filling the display case, I realized I need a few things to better display some items.  I have a few books I bought off of Etsy (made by Mille Cuirs) that I want to display, but I could not find a suitable display stand so I created my own using some oak and a broken 3/8″ thick glass shelf I happen to have laying about.  The glass was supposed to be trash, but now that I realized I can cut it, i’ll keep it.

Book Display Stand -combo

I want to do something with the rear base.  I thought of painting it black, but that seems too simple.  Perhaps add a tapper to narrow the width?

I have one more book by Mille I want to display and the above look is equally suitable so its display stand will be pretty much the same except smaller.

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48″ Display Case (IKEA Mod)

Starting life as an IKEA all glass display case (I never trusted the design) this project has the distinction of beginning as a five feet wide case for the Icehouse Game club, but word came down near completion that the space was no longer available.  Thus, Thursday’s project became a redesign on Friday.  Saturday I took up hammer and saw and drove on.

Unfortunately, the project turned out to be longer than expected and larger than expected.  The result is no room or time to finish the Martian Long Gun.

Saturday ended with a picture of a promising start.  Things looked like it might be a two day build.

PLAN B - Day 1 Doors and Sides  Unfortunately, Sunday turned out to be primarily revisiting Saturday’s labors due to the groggy mind caused by late night woodworking.  Sunday ended with a bit of progress.  The front surrounding face was made and the boards for the back wall ready for pocket drilling.  The camera refused to focus.

PLAN B - Day 2 (Front Face) (1)

Day 3 and the back is pretty much ready for final gluing and screwing; However, before I can install the panels, I must first glue on a carpet.  I’m using carpet because the pile should cover over any holes placed thru the peg board.  The current carpet is more like the fuzzy part of Velcro than like the short pile rug I had in mind.  I’m visiting a different Home Depot to see what they might have.  I have a 1/4″ black carpet, but originally wanted a red short pile.  Anyways, thanks for looking.

PLAN B - Day 3 (Back Panel)

Well, the carpet was a bust.  I could not find any I liked and I’m not certain the brackets would lay properly since the pile would probably keep it pushed out.  Instead, I went with red velvet which will probably look like dookie if I should ever expose the holes made by the brackets.  Anyways, the panels were completed yesterday and are ready to install, however, the basement is too dirty to install early, so the five panels remain on my living room floor.

Plan B - Day 4 (Red Panel)

(Day 5) I worked worked on the base and needed to add planks to the tops and bottoms of the side pieces so they meet the top of the front facing.  Also, the bottom planks allow me to screw the sides to the base.

Day 7 – I built the top and stained all of the pieces.  The stain matches the floor board color pretty well.  A coat of polyurethane would probably match them up, but I’m not going to use it.  It looks good enough.  I didn’t really sand down the edges as I should, because I didn’t want to risk damaging the prefinished surface as I did in one spot.  I’m skipping the base molding since it really is just one more thing to get damaged or in the way.

Day 8 – The basement was too dirty to do a dry fit, so I just put it together upstairs in its intended place.  Here is the link to the final outcome.


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Nyarlathotep Bloody Tongue Avatar

DSCN0499 - CopyHere’s my first attempt at tooling soapstone.  Overall it came out well.  The praying hands are a bit off.  It is inspired by Bruce Attley’s Nyarlathotep (Crawling Chaos) statue.

I hope to sculpt a few more (with much better photographs).  This took about two months of spare time so doing an Azathoth, Shub-Niggurath, and Yog-Sothoth sculpt seems possible.

Thanks for looking.

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New Project: Warhammer Tapestry

Updated – Although more sewing is needed, the general idea can be seen.

DSCN0501 - Copy


Original Entry Follows:

I’ve wanted to do this one for several years, but was recently inspired by the guys at the game club blowing up the Border Princes map to a table size for campaigning.  My hope is we might use it in the next campaign.

I plan to “embroider” the crest as well, as finishing off the black part of the serpent.  I used a painter’s tarp for the canvas.

I used a high res copy of the map and decreased the color palette to 2 colors (black/white).  I trimmed the border because it filled in mostly and would eat up my black ink cartridge.  I printed the image onto legal sized paper.  I then transferred it to the canvas by laying it down and flipping it back and forth until a copied.  It took a few hours of back breaking, to do the tedious process.  Initially, I figured this would be enough, but it looks pretty lame, and the Sharpie marker proved less effective than hoped.

Tapestry (4) Tapestry (3) Tapestry (2) Tapestry (1)

The actual image is about 5′ 2″ long and about 3′ 6″ tall.  I’ll be adding something along the bottom to tack up room as well as ading a border around the entire edge.  I was looking though the Mordheim book for inspiration, but they don’t really relate to the subject.  The only treasure was a simple border with a few skulls centered along the bottom.  It might look decent, but only if I keep the skulls small.  I’ll still need to fill the excess portion of teh bottom.  Perhaps some sort of legend, but for what?  The map itself describes everything.  I don’t know.  I guess I could draw the border now, but I really prefer to wait until I have the entire bottom planned out.  I already have too many erroneous lines and marks.  I’d hate to add to them.


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A Fantasy Wargaming Siege Tower

I’ve been working on much since the last post.  My steampunky civil war rules took more than a few months to bring to the review stage.  Of course, the holidays and then onto my main hobby of collecting, painting and to a small degree, playing miniatures wargames.

I’ve included a pic of my recent project which stands 9″ tall to the top of the brow.  This is a project I’ve considered since I discovered wargames in 2008.  I’ve become tired of continually saying I’m going to do a project and never completing them so I started this one a week ago.  It took about 30 hours to complete.  It’s hard to be specific as most of the time was spent on how to get the shape and not on actual construction.  Actual construction was probably around 7 – 10 hours.  Painting was probably about 4 hours.

It is a Goblin Trojan “Squig” Siege Tower modeled after a fictional mushroom/dog called a squig in the Warhammer fantasy universe. It is made from wooden stir sticks, crafting Popsicle sticks, and superglue.  I washed the light maple structure with a medium brown and then sponge painted on the orange, white and red (for the tongue).img52dd6b79407c4


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