Here is a list of some of the projects I’d like to complete.  I’ll make a new page for each item as they are completed, but will do progress reports on the blog.

Project Status


Medium Scroll Case / Although the small case has been completed and the general construction is known, the exact design and look have yet to be determined.  Due to its size, it will need a carrying strap in addition to the chain uniting the two sides when separated.

Large Scroll Case (?) / At the moment I have no desire to build a large scroll case.  However, I might build more of the smaller ones to sell and recoup my costs.  Assuming someone would actually want one.  I do in fact have enough scrap leather to make a large scroll case, but I think it would be bland and boring as I have no experience sculpting leather.


Being a bibliophile, I enjoy many of the aspects of books and book binding even though I haven’t the patience or experience for either.

Leather Skull Book Binder (Necromancer RPG Supplement) / This project coincides with my desire to have a motivational “Journal” for my writings on the Necromancy RPG supplement below.  The project is only just begun really since I have now decided to give it a go with more embellishment.  However, I am still remaining money conscious since I still am considering sell it on eBay (Although I am interested in seeing what my recent discovery — has to offer).

The Book of Vile Darkness / An RPG supplement for Dungeons and Dragons with versions in each of the last three editions.  In the 4th Edition packet, three depictions are given of the book.  Two are similar, but the last is more directly linked to the game text.  I’ll probably combine them into one or two different books.  I’m still not certain if the project will result in binding a book or binder.  At the moment, I’m leaning towards a hybrid which will allow the user to remove the various signatures from the spine.  This idea is based on some newspaper holders I seen at the library several years ago.


Full Scale H.E.L.P.E.R. (Venture Brothers) Inspired Prop Robot / I am collecting the parts and ideas for the look and construction.  I want to try and stay away from foam, plastic and other short cuts.  I want it to be more authentic.  So far, this project has been about four years in the making.  When done, it will be proudly displayed in my living room.  Of course, if it turns out to be a prototype, it will probably find its way to an auction sight.

Tool Cabinet Inspired by Henry Studley / Seeing  Henry Studley’s magnificently crafted tool case causes every guy to buy three scraps of wood and a drill and get started on their own.  And now it’s my turn.  I’ve been wanting to build this for quite some time and now that the basement is getting cleared of clutter, I have the room and motivation to do so.

Steampunk Submachine Gun / prop guns are one of my favorite things.  Unfortuantely, every idea I’ve ever had falls short of completion.  So far, this project has faired no better.


Although I seldom play, I enjoy the background and storytelling aspects of fantasy and scifi RPGs.  This has lead me to attempt my own additions to these worlds in the form of game modules and Game Master handbooks.  Here are a few that continue to resurface.


Planes and Dimensions of the Multiverse (Working Title) / An attempt to write my own cosmology with a simplified, but completely compatible structure.  I’m not a big fan of complicated, made up names and places.  I prefer to stick with speech more well known to players than borrow nomenclature from H. P. Lovecraft.  I am using the SRD as a basis for the content meaning my target is Pathfinder/3.5 Edition players.  I doubt I’ll have much success since those willing to step away from the D&D cosmology usually do so to create their own, not to use some body else’s.  However, if I can get some people to read and critique the book I’ll be content.

Book of Necromancers (Working Title) / There is something about the 2d Edition D&D suppliment The Complete Book of Necromancers by Steve Kurtz that I find capturing.  It has been updated for other editions under different titles and authorship, but they seem to fall short in my eyes.  Unfortunately, so have I fallen short of my goal to contribute to the lore of necromancy…perhaps that’s a good title, The Lore of Necromancy?  At the moment, I am making notes and attempting to organize thoughts and content.  I seldom make it beyond this phase before moving onto another project.  We shall see.

Wicked Goodness (Working Title) / A playful fantasy module allowing players to act out their fantasy of being evil while still retaining their character’s morals and mores.


Cellar Dweller (Working Title) / A simplistic game system (currently fantasy only) which uses a variety of multi-sided dice.  Promotion is rather quick.  Characters improve skills rather than gaining experience points.  In fact, experience points are not involved in the game at all.  It is intended for beginners and those new to roll playing.

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