Scratch Built Burmese Pirate Paddy Boat (WIP)


Time to tackle another long time project on my wish list.  Here is  a plastic model for a Burmese Pirate Boat I acquired about 20 years ago.  I am attempting to make something of displayable quality, but I do not posses the materials and patience necessary to build a fine model wooden ship like in the modeling magazines.  My goal is something of upper end game display board quality.


Currently, I have bent a 1/4″ thick strip of pine to the rough shape of what should be the keel.  I used a large sauce pan and bio;ed the ends for a few minutes before bending to shape around a large tin can of fruit.  It took several bends and the pine was rather rubber, but wanted to snap back to shape.  Drying will probably take a while since I boiled the wood.  I place the bent strip between a hole in the table and the vise.  The vise grips keep the tip form jumping up.  The box is to ensure the majority of the strip remains flat.

UPDATE (16/06/18) – Yesterday I installed the central and rear decking.  DSCN0455It’s looking like a dead fish at the moment.  I trimmed some 1/8″ pine strips to act as ribs.  I tried sanding pink foam, but I went with the extra labor so I have something solid to nail into.  At the moment, the ribs are loose.  They will be glued after I’m happy with the hull shape.  I’m not certain I will be using the coffee stir sticks for the hull.  They might be too rough.