Flintstones Inspired Stonepunk Slingshot Gun

With the completion of the Steampunk HK MP5 project in sight, I’m feeling confident in pulling out another of my oldest projects — the Slingshot Rifle aka the Flintstones Rifle.  It sounds easy enough, but you know I need to over complicate every project to the point of impossibility.  Anyways, I’ve had a few good ideas pop into my head over the past couple days.  All I need now is some leather, a walking stick, and a few ounces of artistic ability.  In lieu of the last, I’ll opt for plenty of bandages.  Of course, a bit of research is needed here, but other than shipping time, I don’t see anything really holding me back from completing this project rather quickly.  But then, that isn’t really my way.

Update 7/30/13

Good progress on the gun.  I really need the leather cord, but I can still do the decorating.

Later the same day…

I’ve done as much decorating as I can until I get the leather cord.

Update 8/1/13

The leather cord just arrived.  The end is in sight.

Update 8/2/13

I’ve completed the leather wrapping, but I’m not certain how to attach the “elastic” cord without making it look like a child’s project?  Anyways, I’ve had a few more brain storms and have ordered some tree bark.  In addition, I’ve decided I can’t include all my ideas in this one project, so i’ll most likely make another stonepunk gun.

Later that same day…

I now see it needs more decoration.  I’d like to add some paintings, but am afraid I’ll foul it up.  Anyways, here’s the pics of the WIP.

Right Side:  Traditional Cave Depictions

Right Side: Traditional Cave Depictions

Left Side:  Tongue-in-cheek Drawings and Carvings

Left Side: Tongue-in-cheek Drawings and Carvings



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