“Martian” Needle Gun Project

“Martian” Long gun / I’m having trouble locating what I need for the barrel and jacket.  Also, I remain uncertain what the receiver area should look like.

Update 7/23/13

I’ve been brainstorming and have some good ideas about the stock specifics and overall look of the gun.  It’ll be following the cliche matchlock rifle look, but I’d like to make it more upscale.  I’m currently stuck on the sights and receiver details.  As for the fore grips, I’ve decided to stop looking for end caps and just use washers.  It’ll probably be tough finding washers with the proper outside and inside diameter.  The swivels will be unconventional, but will keep with the circle theme.

Update 7/25/13

I’m reluctant to purchase anything I need for the project until I’ve figured out the stock mount.  Also, even though the gun is intended to represent an alien firearm, the design still has to be somewhat practical for the human body.  The good news is I’ve found the parts I need to build the project.

Update 7/27/13

I made the plunge and began buying the materials.  I bought conduit instead of the copper since nobody will ever see it and I don’t plan to used copper fittings.  I won’t be using conduit fittings either.  I also bought the wood veneer for the stock.  I really wanted something exotic for a stock supposedly inspired by or made on Mars.  However, I ultimately decided that most people wouldn’t appreciate the exotic Waterfall Bubinga details enough to warren the expenditure.  So in the end I compromised and bought Rosewood.  It has a beautiful appearance and nearly everyone has heard, if not seen, rosewood.  On the gun, it will simply look like a reddish-toned walnut which is disappointing.  Once the glass arrives, I’ll take a good look at the receiver and scope.  The rest is pretty much completed (in my mind, anyways).

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